The Benefits of Allowing Cell Phones in the Classroom Essays

The Benefits of Allowing Cell Phones in the Classroom Essays

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Ever since incidents such as 9/11 and Columbine, high schools have started implementing new rules regarding cellphones. Cellphones regard the attention of building managers, teachers, parents, and students. Although teachers see them as a distraction and a way to cheat, they can be quite helpful to students. School districts should permit students to use cellular devices in school for purposes of improving their education and providing themselves a sense of security.
By permitting the use of cellphones in school, students can increase their knowledge and complete school work by using applications and other features on their smartphones. Teachers and students are now “using their phones as clickers to answer questions, providing feedback on student progress, and also to document labs, collaborate on group projects and capture teachers’ notes” (Higgins). Students like to do things the fun way, and by using their phones as clickers, they can learn and review for tests while having fun answering them on their phones. Students can use services on their phones to turn assignments in too. During group assignments, students can work right on their phones. If a student was absent one day, all another student has to do is send them the work they did with a touch of a button. Teachers usually move very fast when presenting information to students. By taking pictures of notes, it makes it easy for students to make sure they have all the notes without the teacher moving too quickly. They will be able to go home and review everything right there on that small little screen, hence increasing their knowledge. Additionally, “Students attending a field trip can snapshot a picture and capture their ideas” just by using the camera on...

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