Benefits Of A Diverse Health Care Workforce Essay

Benefits Of A Diverse Health Care Workforce Essay

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Over the last several weeks we have learned that we live in a culturally diverse world. We have learned that it is important to acknowledge our own cultural values and beliefs while also realizing that others around us have their own beliefs. In order to provide culturally sensitive care, we must also realize the meaning of diversity and how it can also relate to the health care workforce. The purpose of this post is to define what diversity means to me. I will describe what some of the benefits of having a diverse health care workforce is while acknowledging that this could also provide some barriers in the nursing profession. I will conclude by considering my own diverse cultural background and experiences and how it might relate to the nursing care I provide to my patients.
Definition of Diversity
To me, diversity is made from many different elements. It is what makes us different from each other, but it can also have relating factors as well. Diversity can involve your appearance. For instance, the color of your skin, hair, eyes, height and even facial features or genetic makeup. It can also involve your beliefs such as religion and cultural behaviors. Diversity can involve your gender and how you identify with it. Diversity involves your education and socioeconomic status. So many factors come in to play when we think of diversity. The importance of recognizing diversity is learning from it and accepting that we are all different.
Benefits to Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce
With our increasing diverse culture, it is important to also have a diverse workforce. According to Andrews and Boyle (2016), having a diverse workforce provides a greater satisfaction among employees, which will result in higher retention of emp...

... middle of paper ... homeless people that would come in faking a sickness just to get food or have a warm place to sleep for the night. I could have easily applied my previous experiences to this situation, but I chose not to. I would care for them as I would all of my patients and I even went as far as to pack them a take-home meal for the road when they were discharged. I’m glad I was able to self-reflect on my previous experiences and decided not to judge others as a whole.
In conclusion, diversity is what makes us each unique. Although there are many benefits to the workplace having a diverse culture, we have also learned that there are many barriers as well. I believe that we have come a long way, but we also still have a long way to go. By understanding and accepting others we can continue to build a healthy cultural diverse nation, while reducing disparities in health care.

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