Essay about Being A Human Or Nonhuman

Essay about Being A Human Or Nonhuman

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In the text Rachels addresses the point of “nonhuman animals” treatment (Rachels 106). He goes on to point out that Christians believe that animals do not have souls so that allows humans to treat animals how they please. According to Aquinas beliefs humans and animals are set in two different moral categories. In accordance to Aquinas “philosophers have said that animals are not rational, non-speaking, and are just not human”. Which does make them completely different from humans who do have these characteristics so in which case are placed “outside the sphere of moral concern” (Rachels 107). However in the utilitarian’s view this is simply not the case. The utilitarian belief that morality is the goal of obtaining happiness (Rachels 100). With this in mind the utilitarian viewed the treatment of animals as if they were caused happiness or unhappiness and believed that should play a role on how the animals are treated (107).
To make the argument stronger Bentham stated that “being a human or nonhuman is the same as being white or black” it did not matter if they were being caused ...

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