Animal Experimentation

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Because of animal experimentation, scientists are able to advance in medicine and find cures and treatments, but all this must pay a prize. Animals in these experiments suffer and even die for the cause. Many argue that it is inhumane and cruel. Others would argue that animal experimentation is beneficial and necessary. The viewpoints between Jane Goodall and Dario Ringach are different when it comes to animal testing, but they’re after the same goal: caring for the animals and wanting to look for cures and treatments.
Dr. Jane Goodall, a primatologist and ethologist, believes that animal testing is "morally, and ethically unacceptable". In her article, "So Much Animal Pain, So Little Human Gain", she states that animal testing does not benefit for humans and how much the animal suffer in the experiment. Using animal in research can't always predict the results for humans. There are some cases that even though the experiment succeeded, it wasn't safe for humans. Around 92% of drugs that passed in the animal testing didn't work with humans (Top 5 Reason). The reason is that animals are different from humans. Even though animals can't talk or make judgments like humans, they have emotions, consciousness, and intelligence. The animals can feel stress, fear, and pain during the experiment. She claims that there are alternatives other than animals like using cells, computer models, and more. She also includes that animal testing cost a lot more than the alternatives. The biggest issue when it comes to animal testing is how animals are treated during the experiment. Although animals are protected from the Animal Welfare Act, not all animals that are used for research are not protected. With that, there are chances that they can be ...

... middle of paper ... and tested. There can be a compromise if the Animal Welfare Act protects all the species used for research, reduce and eliminate pain, and looking for better alternatives. Maybe in the near future, the alternatives will replace animals and then they won't be needed for research

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