Behavioral Management Plan For Teaching And Learning Essay examples

Behavioral Management Plan For Teaching And Learning Essay examples

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Behavioral Management Plan
“Aggressive behaviors in school disrupt both teaching and learning” (Basch, 2011, p.621). Students that were off task due to a history of aggression, hyperactivity or lacked focus and were unable to complete group activities had designated areas in the classroom for differentiation and behavioral management purposes. There were two centers in the room that students who were having behavioral challenges could request to go to or may be sent to by the instructor in order for them to regain focus and be redirected towards on-task behaviors. Students spent approximately 5 minutes at that particular center if sent and went back to their group once refocused. It was explained to the student why he required time away from his group. Any excessive disruptive behaviors were discussed with the student during student-teacher conferences and a lunch detention or a call home to a parent or guardian would be in order if necessary. The first center allowed students to practice with their sight words using sensory tools whilst developing fine motor skills. The sensory tools were clay and letter manipulatives. The second center was in a quiet area in the classroom with several grades K-3 reading books. This area was where a student could take momentary breaks while reading a book and sitting on a therapy ball to better help self-manage their behaviors. Weaster & Downing (2004) states, “because children with behavior disorders are on a variable emotional level from day to day, each day is a fresh start, and this should be emphasized with the student” (p. 61). Students that have challenges behaviorally; whether it is a manifestation of a learning disorder or not require patience and behavioral supports that help ...

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...nature were also utilized in order to create a relaxed environment. Students that experience high levels of reading anxiety benefited since “listening to music becomes an instant reward, releasing enkephalins and endorphins to change moods, evoke relaxation, and alter pain perception” (Ferrer et al., 2014, p. 490).
Managing behaviors were in intricate part of implementing this action research project. Itini points out (as cited in Johnson & Gooliaff, 2013), “boys need to learn that it is cool to be smart” (p. 29). “They show high levels of productivity when the teacher creates a positive, structured, demanding, "no-nonsense" approach” (Johnson & Gooliaff, 2013, p. 29). Well-crafted lessons paired with an effective behavioral management plan benefits not only the instructor in terms of implementation but also positively affects student learning and achievement.

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