Behavior and Organizational Culture: It’s My Party and I’ll Do What I Want

Behavior and Organizational Culture: It’s My Party and I’ll Do What I Want

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This week’s critical thinking assignment, It’s My Party and I’ll Do What I want To, examines the use of organizational strategic power and politics by detailing the events occurring at two of Shoenman and Associates’ traditional annual events. The first event, the company’s annual Christmas party requires compulsory participation by all employees (Rosen, 1988). It transpires after hours the Friday before Christmas (Rosen, 1988). It excludes spousal participation, and takes place outside the work environment at a bar (Rosen, 1988). The second event is a formal breakfast. It occurs the week before Christmas during working hours (Conrad & Poole, 2012). However, the setting is much different from that of the Christmas party. The chosen venue is an extravagant hotel, where even the wait staff dresses in black tie formal attire (Conrad & Poole, 2012). Although the two different company events involve group gatherings of the same company and its employees, this case study provides readers the ability to compare and contrast the two events to gain insight in to the use of power and politics within Shoenman and Associates organization.
Behavior and Organizational Culture
Organizational culture as defined by Kreitner (2008) “is the collection of shared (stated or implied) beliefs, values, rituals, stories, myths, and specialized language that foster a feeling of community among members” (pg. 184). As a ritual, the Christmas party offers employees the opportunity to remove themselves from the confines of the work environment. It takes place in a laid back and informal environment, which allows employees and management to intermingle as equals, free of class and/or positional status (Rosen, 1988). The display of camaraderie arou...

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...ironment. I never considered that venue selection, as well as date and time might send a subtle message as to how I am to act and behave. It is clear that both management and its employees have the ability to gain power in these types of situations. The secret to capitalizing on any particular situation is being educated regarding the employment of such power and political strategies, and being capable of acting appropriately.

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