Becoming an IT and Web Development Essay

Becoming an IT and Web Development Essay

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Career Research Paper:
Since I was very little I used to enjoy surfing websites and using search engines to answer my questions. I was amazed at how easy internet makes our lives by connecting computers across different places and countries and how easily we can transmit information through World Wide Web. In 19th century, Charles Babbage developed the first computing device. Through the 20th century, Analog computers were used to meet more sophisticated needs of the people during this time. The idea of a modern computer came along in 1936, when Alan Turing wrote a paper about the modern computer and its functionalities. He developed a ‘Universal Machine’ which was intended to perform the task of all other machines, it could compute almost anything that it was programmed to do. This is how the first programmable device came into existence. Modern computers have the ability to compute whatever is instructed to it by programming languages. Programming languages carry out instructions for how to computer should function. The first High-level programming language was Plankkalkul, then a series of other languages including c, c++, c#, java which are used today to pass instructions to the computer. Even modern websites are made using these programming languages. The internet was born in 1960’s and the first website which could transfer information from one computer to another was made in 1981. Since the internet was not very fast before not a lot could be made available, but it was still reliable, and hence was used by military, scientists, educators, government and doctors. Mosaic founded in 1990’s was the first commercial browser that allowed people to access online content. The Hypertext concept was created by Ted Nels...

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... if my salary starts at a basic pay. I am excited to learn about the future scopes and advances in this field. I am currently pursuing my Associates in Programming from Tarrant County College and would soon like to go ahead and pursue my bachelors, so I can get started with my career in IT and Web Development.

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