Essay on Becoming A Social Worker : A Volunteer

Essay on Becoming A Social Worker : A Volunteer

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Having spent the last two years working as a volunteer in the social service field, I have come to realize that my passion lies in helping people, who are in a position of less advantaged. With a view to accomplish my ambition to become a social worker I am currently taking an access to a master degree of social work.
I have gained some insight into mental health while working as a volunteer in The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association. In my current role as a volunteer, I have gained confidence and experience, when serving individuals with Down Syndrome, intellectual disabilities or the other disabilities and their family members with a wide variety of training activities and vocational rehabilitation services. This precious experience not only provided me with chances to get along with them, but also enabled me to build up trust with the service users and provide supportive services such as giving emotional supports and providing assistance in group activities to them, in accord with the social workers’ guidance. Through the frequent contact and interaction with them, I also acquired the knowledge and skills that help me to communicate well with the service users and handle their emotional as well as behavioral problems appropriately. This invaluable experience significantly deepened my understanding of their needs and improved my communication skills and my patience. As a result, my desire to provide social service to individuals, who suffer from different kind of mental illnesses became much stronger and I am now more confident to take one further to pursue my ambition.
Furthermore, the involvement in the voluntary work gave me great insight into the role of social workers, who pl...

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...yself with the knowledge and skills that I will need for further exploring the social work profession. I am looking forward to learn more professional knowledge, values and skills, which guide me to develop my competence to deliver social services to individuals, groups, our community and society.

At present, I am spending most of my effort in learning the most out of my college study, as well as keeping an eye on current social issues to prepare me for the next target in my education. Having known that social work will be challenging, I am confident that my skills in different aspects will assist me to a higher level of learning experience in the Graduate School of The Chinese University. I hope that my passion and potentials indicate that I am a promising candidate.

I look forward to having an interview with you. Thank you very much for considering my application.

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