Reason For Becoming A Professional Social Work

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Part One:
I. Reason for becoming a professional social worker
A. My current job as a Behavioral Intervention Specialist for Bakersfield City School District has motivated me to pursue my masters in social work. Working with troubled students on a daily basis has allowed me to see the great need for social workers at schools. Many students are not successful in school due to their emotional and social issues in their daily lives. I want to be a professional social worker so I can better understand behavior, trauma, and learn of more ways to assist the students at my school. I truly feel The Master of Social Work (MSW) program will prepare me to help create that change in the schools that is desperately needed.
B. My understanding of
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Student’s lack of success can occur for many reasons but some believe that that it stems from poverty. Many families are forced to work more than one job in order to maintain the household and the children end up staying at home without adult supervision. Adult supervision is needed in order to provide structure, rules, and teach children basic social skills. Social skills are essential in our daily life as it is what we use to communicate with people to get what we want or need. In my experience, I have also noticed that the majority of at risk youth come from single mom or grandparent homes. I have experienced talking to single moms or guardians who do not implement discipline at home because they do not know how to discipline. Other times, they feel bad that the child’s other parent or parents are not in the picture so they try to composite by not enforcing consequences. The mental health of a child is another important concept that schools should consider when they are dealing with troubled youth. Many students have experienced trauma in their lives that has never healed. Teaching children to properly express their emotions is something that sometimes parents do not know how to teach. Having mental health services such as counseling is a great way to help the student heal from the trauma that has been keeping them from being successful. Schools should require all student to receive a mental health screening along with their physical in order to know the student’s history and to understand and help

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