The Beauty Of Blackness By John S. Rock Essay

The Beauty Of Blackness By John S. Rock Essay

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The beauty of blackness is a question that may be hard to answer for some people and easier for others. The beauty of blackness goes beyond the physical characteristics of a person. Things that are incorporated into answering the question is black beautiful are traditions, values, and history. This question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. The answer to this question may be different and have different perspectives. Blackness is frowned upon and shamed in the eyes of some people. In the eyes of others blackness is seen as an iconic way of living and sometimes blackness open up the roots of pain and hardships African Americans had to face back during times of slavery. African Americans were brought to the continent of North America where they were despised and stripped of everything including both rituals and practices.
Black is beautiful was first paraphrased by John s. Rock during a speech in 1858. It was then 100 years later; African Americans would begin a movement illustrating the words of John S. Rock (Black America Web, 2013). This movement would encourage men and women to embrace their blackness, which included women to stop straightening their hair and stopping to attempt to lighten their skin tones (Black America Web, 2013). This movement became one of the most prominent in the writings of Steve Biko’s book, “Black Conscious Movement”. This book helped to dispel the stigma of internalized racism and help people embrace their own identity of blackness.
According to the Clark study, black is not beautiful. In this study, children were asked to choose between two baby dolls, they were asked to choose which doll they thought was bad “Can you tell me which doll that looks bad”. This experiment was one similar to t...

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...ed or straightened hair. The way I live and the way I was raised are all ideas and concepts of what I know to be the meaning of “black”. I believe the slavery/segregation are the gateways and reasons as to why black is seen as beautiful. I say this because African American people never gave up the fight or stop fighting to what they wanted and what they believed which made them beautiful. I also say black is beautiful because from a personal perspective I seen many other races who try to “be/act black” by doing things such as dressing like black people, talking like black people. When you have other races or ethnicities wanting to be like another group of people I consider them beautiful. Black is beautiful to those who embrace blackness and understand what it means to be black and the history behind being black so yes I agree and say that black is beautiful.

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