Formation At The Black Panthers, Malcolm X, And Black Lives Matter Movement

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“Formation” at the Super Bowl On February 7th during Super Bowl 50, Beyoncé took the field during the halftime show and shocked the world. She performed her new song “Formation”, which addressed all the criticism she received throughout her career, praised her African features, and paid tribute to Black History Month symbolizing The Black Panthers, Malcolm X, and Black Lives Matter Movement. This shocked everyone because they never thought out of all people Beyoncé would perform such a “racist” song. This performance received a lot of negative feedback which caused people to protest the NFL headquarters and say that she is promoting violent attacks against the police. Beyoncé’s super bowl performance was her way of stating she is unapologetically…show more content…
The Black Panthers formed once they were fed up of police brutality, which is somewhat similar to how The Black Lives Matter Movement began. This shows that all the senseless killing of African Americans by the police can lead up to a new group similar to the black panthers. The outfit Beyoncé’s was wearing also had a meaning; it was very similar to Michael Jackson’s outfit from his performance at the super bowl XXVII. Michael Jackson also addressed race during his performance with his songs “Black Or White” and “Heal The World”, saying we all are equal and instead of killing each other we need to work together to make the world a better…show more content…
The lyrics from “Formation” state, “My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana-You mix that Negro with that Creole make a Texas bamma” (Beyoncé); were directed toward African American women specifically because they have been taught to hate the skin they are in which leads to women using bleaching to become lighter which can be extremely dangerous if it is not used properly. The feud in the black community is light skin vs. dark skin is also addressed with these lyrics it simply states be proud of your bloodline no matter what you may be mixed with. The light skin vs dark skin argument is an end result of the brown paper bag test, which determined who would work the fields and who would work inside the house. The “Paper Bag” test was the determinant factor, if your skin color was the color of the brown paper bag or lighter you were given access to certain privileges and conversely if your skin was darker than the paper bag you were denied those same privileges (Steward). Beyoncé goes on to sing, “I like my baby hair with baby hair and Afros-I like my Negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils” (Beyoncé), this focuses on African American women changing their looks because society tells them that their natural hair and big nose is ugly. Beyoncé personally targets the criticism she received for not “combing” her daughter, Blue Ivy’s, hair stating that if

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