Essay on Beauty And Variations By Kenny Fries

Essay on Beauty And Variations By Kenny Fries

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In the poem Beauty and Variations by Kenny Fries he discusses the topic of beauty, and how the impact of beauty standards causes variations within an individual. To describe to his readers’ the impact that beauty has he uses stanzas to organize his writing to start the reader with a broad meaning to an in depth story between two individuals, with one that is fighting against beauty and variations, and the other person helping the other person to overcome these standards and variations. Fries uses phrases to express a relation of a circumstance called an adverb. The adverbs are used to show the aggressiveness of overcoming beauty standards, and its variations. He also uses the formation of mental images known as imagery to the meaning of his words into an image. In the poem the elements of adverbs, imagery, and emotions are used to show that there is no “real” definition of beauty, and what truly matters is how individuals feels about themselves internally.
Fries uses the adverb of aggressiveness throughout the poem to describe how it feels from the outside looking in watching someone fight against beauty standards. “What is it like to be beautiful? I dip my hands inside of you, come up with-what”(Fries 1-3). The purpose of Fries writing that the individual wants to dip their hands inside the other individual fighting against beauty standards is to prove that no matter how deep the person dipped their hand in nothing would surface. Because the individual that is fighting against beauty standards is so caught up in confirming that they have nothing internally. Fries continues to use aggressiveness throughout the poem to show different viewpoint of one individual looking in, and the other fighting against beauty. ”I want to tear yo...

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...of what individuals think and feel about themselves become irrelevant, which becomes a problem because there is no real definition of beauty, and what matters is what the person feels internally about themselves.
Fries uses different techniques of aggressiveness, imagery, and emotion throughout his poem to show the reader in different ways of how beauty standards is perceived. How one individual feels, and looks at beauty standards versus another individual who is fighting against beauty standards, and how there is no real definition of beauty. No matter how much a person alternates their looks, and wishes for different bones or beauty features it will never satisfy the standards of beauty because beauty standards are always changing. The real “beauty” lies within the individual, and what truly matters is how an individual sees themselves internally.

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