Be Better Than You Were Yesterday Essay

Be Better Than You Were Yesterday Essay

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Be better than you were yesterday
I graduated from Springfield High School in 2012, I played 2 sports while there. I played basketball and football on the varsity level all the 4 years. I’ve earned a lot of achievements while playing sports there. When I attended the school I was a 4 year starter in basketball all-conference for both sports. I really enjoyed myself and time it was a great experience and it was good people around me the atmosphere was awesome. Being at that school really helped teach me not to mess around to take school seriously but most importantly the homework is most important it should always come first before anything as a student athlete.
It’s a must that you stay on your P’s and Q’s to exceed at being a student athlete. While being on a sports team you must maintain a certain GPA which means (Grade Point Average) to even be able to play sports during the season. There might be times as where your teacher gives you a lot work and you don’t feel like doing homework assignments or it’s not worth a lot points will start to accumulate and that’s the quickest way to be behind in a class or become ineligible and not able to play.
I had an awful problem with managing my time schedule, being lazy, and just putting assignments off always. Putting homework assignments off as a student athlete is one of the worst thing you can do because you’re not only hurting your own grades you’re jeopardizing and hurting the team. In college its different simple fact you’re not just there for sports. They bring you to the college pay you to come to help further education and to help the school when games. Good student athletes normally generate millions of dollars for the school revenue it does not go in the athlete’s pocket. No...

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...look up to athletes as heroes and role model. Everyone grows up wanting to be a college athlete and have stories to tell their children when they get old about their good old days. While this is true, many people don’t know the struggles and hardships that college athletes go through while in trying balance school and life.
You have you to live the life you live. What I mean by that is make smart decisions and be willing to learn enough. High school is a great experience it helps mold you into you’re future and grow up. You want to hit the books hard in high school so when you graduate with good grades you will have no problems in college. Have fun enjoy life but at the same time work hard and know nothing worth having comes easy. I had a great time and experience in high school I wanted to share my experience it really help play a big part in where I’m at today.

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