Basic Physical And Organizational Structures Essay

Basic Physical And Organizational Structures Essay

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1. A superstructure is an upward extension of an existing structure above a baseline. Superstructure is applied to physical and conceptual structures like buildings, bridges or ships. Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the process of a society or enterprise, or the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function. Lodgings, restaurants, and recreation facilities are examples of superstructure the complementary one to superstructure is infrastructure, which are the more basic tourism supportive facilities like hospital, pipe line, signal towers. Infrastructure comprises all of the man-made facilities that make up a modern city including roads, electricity, water, buildings, parks, hotels, security systems etc.
2. Grid defines locations on maps using Cartesian coordinates. Grid lines on maps represents the coordinate system, and are numbered to arrange a unique reference to features. The grid plan is a type of city plan in which streets run at right angles to each other, forming a grid. The most well known grid system is that spread through the colonies of the Roman Empire. As a result of New York’s geographic location and role in the early stages of the United States, its population was growing in the early 1800s. People were already discharging in from all points in Europe, and it became possible that eventually people were going to need all the real estate they could get on the island of Manhattan. In 1807, disappointed by years of undisciplined development and a decade of public health epidemics attributed to lower Manhattan’s crowded and irregular streets, New York City’s Common Council asked the State Legislature to develop a street plan for Manhattan above Houston Street...

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...rbor. He was Italian, but worked for France. The Verrazano- Narrows Bridge is named after him. New York, originally called New Netherlands, was named in honor of the Duke of York and Albany, England. The land had excellent access to the ocean, excellent ports, and bays which kept safe the ships from hurricanes or immoderate high waves.  During 1614, the Dutch constructed a rude fort on the southern part of the island, which was the beginning of New Amsterdam, its name was changed to New York by the British when they took it over. New Amsterdam was right in the middle of the original 13 colonies so the English figured out that it would be a great port town for trading and travel. Being in the middle gave it much more importance. The Dutch on the other hand didn 't have as much of a need or interest for it as the English did, so they sold New Amsterdam to the English.

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