Banning Tobacco And Its Effect On Young Children Essay

Banning Tobacco And Its Effect On Young Children Essay

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Tobacco use is a big controversy in many parts of the world and the topic of banning the advertisement of these products has been around for many years. Some countries have placed bans with success in declined of users however they are faces with pros and cons from many parties.

Banning Tobacco Advertisement in India
People in favor of the ban, such as the government, argue that it is for the benefit of the public’s health, since it does not restrict the trade of tobacco. Furthermore, since advertisement can be viewed by adults and children alike, the lack thereof increases the chances of younger generation being less likely to develop a habit. In the countries that have successfully implemented and maintained bans on tobacco advertisement, a decline in the use of tobacco amongst younger generations has been documented as well as a steady decrease rate over the years.. Since the product is still being traded companies remain relevant and profitable even though the advertisement of their products, which at sometimes has been viewed as having influence on young children due to its sometimes cartoon like content, has been removed. In all cases it has been a positive outcome for the overall health of its population. Indian government also argued that a decrease in consumption would result in a decrease on healthcare costs that would be spend on providing services to people affected will illnesses related to the consumption of tobacco.

Arguments against the ban stated that it is a way for the government to control the free will of consumers. Since tobacco users are aware of what they are consuming, they assume the risks involved and therefore should be allowed to choose for themselves and the government banning advertis...

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... option for solving the issue not only in India but in any country where this topic may be considered. Certainly not every country would benefit from completely banning these ads at it may open the door for many other products to have such actions taken against them as well. In America I believe there would be an issue of denying the right of free speech. If the rights of the American public were to be analyzed with banning of advertisement in mind the issues facing the government would be detrimental. Taking into account that it is the consumers decision to use tobacco products regardless of the countless resources available on the negative effects it has and the tobacco industry’s warning on the effect of tobacco it is not a matter of banning the advertisement of tobacco products it is a matter of the public’s decision to consume tobacco product of their free will.

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