Australia 's Policy Refugees And Asylum Seekers Essay examples

Australia 's Policy Refugees And Asylum Seekers Essay examples

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Compare and contrast Australia’s policy refugees and asylum seekers with that of two other countries.
A refugee is a person that is fleeing their country because they have suffered or fear persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, or political opinion, or they are fleeing war. An asylum seeker is a person who has fled their country but has not yet been accepted as a refugee. These people flee to different countries and they all have different policies against them. Australia’s policy may differ from other countries but sometimes they may be alike.
Australia’s current policy regarding refugees and asylum seekers is that, Australia believes that if a person is going to be persecuted in their country, they may seek asylum in Australia. However Australia detains anyone who comes into Australia without a valid visa. If an asylum seeker and has not yet been recognised as a refugee they will be sent to a detention centre or sent back to their country if they are deemed as dangerous. Australia has created a border protection operation called 'Operation Sovereign Borders,’ this aims to stop maritime arrivals of asylum seekers to Australia. This operation helps with the issues surrounding people smuggling into Australia. The operation has been in effect since the 18th of September 2013. However Australia’s refugee laws are extremely strict and Australia keeps refugees secluded from everyone else.
In Australia human rights of asylum seekers are violated such as Article 5 and 25 in the Human Rights Declaration. Article 5 states that, ‘No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.’ This article has been violated in detention centres Australia send the asylum seekers to. Asylu...

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...em a permanent visa instead of a temporary one. Unlike Australia who disallowed family re-unification, Sweden allows it. In many people’s eyes Sweden is a lot better at managing refugees than Australia, they allow the refugees to be treated as equals and work hard on upholding the human rights. They allow refugees to have freedom and get an education instead of secluding them from the country. Swedish migration boss Mikael Ribbenvik states that, ‘In giving permanent residence permits from the start, you have an incentive to learn the language and get to work. When you have temporary permits we see people most of the time just being ‘kept’. They are not included in society, which is not very helpful for integration,’ Therefore Sweden is much better at dealing with refugees and asylum seekers than Australia all while being able to uphold the Human Rights Declaration.

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