Attending College At Different Times Essay

Attending College At Different Times Essay

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Attending college at different times in someone’s life has its positive and negative factors. Going off to college right after high school is the traditional student, with ages being from 18-years-old to about 22-years-old when graduating with a degree. While there are also students that are more non-traditional that are 23+ years-old that go back and attend college. While being a student at The University of Northwestern Ohio for the past two years I have been in contact with many traditional and non-traditional students. I have been able to hear many stories of why non-traditional students waited to come back and why traditional students are here now right out of high school. With being in contact with these students I have seen many similarities and differences between both groups.
The first person that I interview was a 21-year-old male who is a Sport Marketing Management major and has been going to UNOH for the past three years. He expressed that the reason’s that he attended college right out of high was that he wanted to better his future, and broaden his education base for his future career in the sports field by meeting new people that have the potential to teach him usual skills he is able to use. Lastly, he wanted to play baseball at a college level which attending UNOH allowed him to do. The second student that I interviewed was a 20-year-old female who is also a Sport Marketing Management student. She was not in the position of not having a choice weather or not she wanted to attend college coming from her parents look on the situation. But because she is, she expressed that she is doing her best while attending college, because she wants to receive a good degree that will be able to better her future and allow her ...

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...ment motivation in a person. When she was younger I feel that her achievement motivation was much lower because she did not have the positive motivation nor the motivation within herself to want to be better and advance, but when looking at her achievement motivation now it is much higher. She wants to excel in the medical office with her will to want to learn more and advance her own knowledge.
Even though traditional and non-traditional students are attending college for the same reason and outcome, the drive and want to be here is different for every student in college. Outside factors such as parents, children, or money can put a large wrench in the time frame of someone going to college. But while attending college everyone had the same generalized reasons as to why they want a degree, to better their future and to make money in a career that they will enjoy.

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