The Atomic Bomb Of Hiroshima Essay

The Atomic Bomb Of Hiroshima Essay

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September 2, 1945, World War II ended with the surrender of the Axis Powers; however, even though the war was over, Japan and the United States were still at odds with each other. In the Fall of 1953, Geisel began to work on Horton Hears a Who!. Once World War II ended in 1945, Japan and the United States were still at odds with each other. The war with Japan would not lead up and President Harry Truman was left with the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan or not. He feared for Americans to tread on Japanese soil that could lead to hundreds of more causalities, but Japan refused to end the fighting. On August 6, 1945, Truman initiated the first atomic bomb to be dropped on the city of Hiroshima which resulted in 70,000 Japanese citizens vaporized. Two days later, the second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, which ended with another 80,000 deaths. This devastating act changed how many Americans viewed the Japanese people, especially Theodor Geisel.
Once the war was over and atomic bombs were dropped, Geisel appears to have begun to explore the concept of human morality. I believe this made him into the writer we think of today. During the war he heavily indulged himself in discriminating against Japanese people, contributing to the war hate, and prejudicially claiming them all to the same. However, after his time serving in the Signal Corps making films, Geisel made an Academy Award winning documentary titled Design of Death about the Japanese culture and the beginnings of the war. During his time in Japan, Geisel found the Japanese people to be “more admirable and likable than propaganda about them in the United States had led him to believe.” Geisel realized his ignorance of the Japanese people and decided to create awaren...

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....” Seuss uses animals such as unruly monkeys and an angry kangaroo to describe the enemies of the Horton and the Who people. These creatures are a group of average animals in the jungle who discriminated against Horton because he was different. They went to great lengths to tell Horton he was wrong and hurt him, based on fear.
This was In conclusion, Theodor got himself caught up in propaganda during World War II. It is fair to say that the strong wartime mentality persuaded Geisel to say a few things he truly regrets. The war machine is known for pumping out hate and it is easy for anybody to get tangles up in what is being said instead of what is. The fact was that Japan did surprise attack on American soil killing thousands of Americans. In a time of tension and unrest, the Japanese government gave the American people a scapegoat to the fear and anger of the war.

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