Athletes No Longer Getting a Free Pass in College Essay

Athletes No Longer Getting a Free Pass in College Essay

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Students are more focused on sports during college than their education. Which in the long run will affect them more. While the standards are increasing and student athletes not taking education serious enough there can or will be at risk. Standards for the incoming freshman class of 2016 are being increased. Many schools have decided that students who want to participate in sports need to have better grades.

The number of core courses have been increased from 10 to 16 for the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) eligibility. In the 16 core courses the students who participate in sports must have a minimum grade point average of 2.3(up from 2.0). Not only was the grade point average requirement raised for core courses, SAT scores were also reviewed.

At the University of California-Berkeley (Cal State), the minimum SAT score requirements for student-athletes were vastly below the average of regular incoming freshman. It is clear that in all three SAT categories, the scores were a 200 points below the incoming freshman class. Colleges in the United States are not focu...

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