Assessment of The World is Flat and A Whole New Mind Essay

Assessment of The World is Flat and A Whole New Mind Essay

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Assessment of The World is Flat and A Whole New Mind

The widespread adoption of new technologies serves as the driver behind societal alteration. With few exceptions, changes in the framework of society from politics to the individual have been wrought by economic changes; that is, the onward march of societal progression can be traced to changes in the market. Thomas L. Friedman in The World is Flat argues that the recent “shrinking” of the world in terms of communications has weakened the traditional stronghold America has held over white-collar professions. A similar point (to a degree) is argued by Daniel H. Pink in A Whole New Mind, specifically that the weakening discussed by Friedman will give rise to a demand for a more creative, synergetic, whole-picture type of thought to which Americans are well capable of fulfilling. Ultimately, both works call for a shift of focus to a different set of skills and talent that Americans will need to not only survive, but thrive in the newly forming globalized or flat world.

Ultimately, The World is Flat describes the effects technology, specifically the newabundance of cheap global telecommunications and the rapidly expanding and diversifying ways individuals and companies can take advantage of this cheap commodity, will have on the world as it moves into the 21stcentury. This newly created ability to effectively communicate globally in a cheap and high quality manner, Friedman argues, arose from the ashes of the dot-com bubble, and it has monumental effects for China, India, and other developing nations, to the potential detriment of Europe, Japan, and the United States. Since the United States et al can no longer compete with India and China or the ever more sophisticated sof...

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...ld to a wide-range of differing groups of unique individuals; in a sense, I can grasp the bigger picture of these three skills. That being said, in order to take advantage of the flat-world platform, I will have to expand my knowledge of technology to make use of the ten flatteners.

Flat or Conceptual, either way, our new globalized world spells change for the white-collared worker of the millennium. Our interconnectivity and the availability of cheap labor provide a medium to which new skills must be learned and improved upon if success is to be found.

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