Asl For Me Has Had A Really Positive Impact On My Life Essay

Asl For Me Has Had A Really Positive Impact On My Life Essay

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ASL for me has had a really positive impact on my life. My father, who is roughly 65, has experienced quite a bit of hearing loss due to his age. He can’t really hear most of what I say and I do whatever I can to lower the pitch a speak from my diaphragm in order to get him to hear me. My mother has had an easier time with this and is able to communicate everything to him that he can’t hear. Honestly it’s be heartbreaking that he can’t hear me say “I love you,” sometimes. This communication barrier drove me to learn sign. While, I understand that he would never learn sign and he doesn’t have much reason to right now, he isn’t the only person I have a communication barrier with. I realized that I could do something that would enable me to interact with more people.
It’s unfair that the Deaf community has been singled out and oppressed for such a long time. I want to be able to accommodate Deaf in any way that I can. I want to empower Deaf and make them feel comfortable and let them know they are equal if I end up serving them at my place of work. Deaf people spend their whole lives trying to adjust to the hearing world, I think that it is long overdue that hearing people adjust for the Deaf and hard of hearing.
Sign language is also important because anyone can either become deaf or be born deaf. In the event I gain a niece or nephew (which is pretty frequently) and they are born deaf, I want to be able to communicate with them and not only help them, but educate my family about why they aren’t flawed, that they are just the same as anyone else. And, I’ve become so interested in American Sign Language that I’ve started educating friends and family about the language. My grandmother believed the common misconception that sign langu...

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...e trying to research more important Deaf in history I have found that both Alexander Graham Bell and Hellen Keller have been accredited too much. Many internet sources have claimed that Alexander Graham Bell was important in the Deaf community and made many contributions. I know that this is false from what I have learned in ASL, and it’s unfortunate he is being recognized when he had done so many things to prevent the Deaf community from growing.
As a person I have become much more understanding and patient with others than before. I take much more time listening and trying to understand and help people and I’m proud of the person that I’ve become. I have also become more expressive and social with strangers which is very important in my workplace. Sign language has helped me become even more attentive to people’s body language and their micro-facial expressions.

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