Audism: The Failion Of Audism In Our World

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Audism Research When we imagine someone being discriminated or prejudice, we normally think it is because of their race, homophobia or gender at first. Discrimination against race, homophobia, and gender is the most known and heard of in our country. However, hard of hearing and Deaf people can be discriminated by people who are known as audists. Audism is the notion that one is superior based on one’s ability to hear or behave in way as one who hears (Harrington). Audism is the failure to accommodate someone who is deaf or hard of hearing as well. The term audism was invented in the year 1975 by Tom Humphries (Deaf Choice). He used the word to describe an oppressive attitude that others n businesses, organizations, or schools have towards…show more content…
It can also be not signing in front of a Deaf individual when you know how to sign. One of my friend’s sisters is deaf. There have been several times that I have been present, and the friend did not sign what she was saying while her sister was present. Also, audism can be a parent who insist on forcing their child to become a part of the hearing culture only. The parent may see his or her child as a non-hearing minority. Another example of audism is stating that one cannot accomplish something simply because he or she is deaf or hard of hearing. An aduist is a person who exhibits attitudes of audism. There are two different types of audists. A passive audist is one who has not paid attention to their actions toward the deaf and hard of hearing. Their behavior can be a result of being uneducated about the differences between the hearing culture and the deaf culture. An active audist is informed of the differences, but they continue to engage in the audism behaviors. Their motivations are often from audist perceptions. They believe spoken language is higher than signed…show more content…
Many deaf or hard of hearing people may feel as if audists are trying to destroy and lessen their culture. For example, some hearing people want the Deaf community to act like the hearing does. Some hearing people believe that the Deaf community should conform and adopt English, lip reading, and speech. This is known as audism as well. Audism can prevent the deaf and hard of hearing from receiving a quality education. Their educational environment may be based around only hearing professionals. These professionals may not know sign language. In addition, they may believe English is more important than sign language. Some deaf or hard of hearing may be forced to master English to build a foundation on their education. We could prevent audism by informing others of the issue. A website titled Stop Audism stated, “The only way to stop prejudice is to educate the community on the problem.” If we identify the problem we can begin to prevent and decrease the issue. Many cases of audism are due to the lack of knowledge about how one may be insulting the other. However, if we educate everyone about audism, there would be a huge decrease in the amount of audism
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