Argumentative Essay On Deaf People

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Deaf Culture is often misunderstood because the hearing world thinks of deafness as a handicap. The Deaf are not given enough credit for their disabilities even though they are unable to hear. Being misunderstood is the biggest reason why they are not accepted in the world of hearing. The learning process for them may be slower and more difficult to learn, but they are still very bright individuals. The problem at hand is the controversy of trying to “fix” the Deaf when they may or may not want to be “fixed”. The hearing world should give Deaf people a chance to show their true talents and abilities of intelligence before rushing to assumptions, such as hearing aids will fix all Deaf people, because Deaf are dumb, have social problems, and…show more content…
(Baker- Shenk & Kyle) Despite many social problems and unnecessary prejudices, deaf people dot consider themselves as having a disability. Having the lack of hearing is not about just being Deaf, but accepting that challenge and being all you can be with yourself, and going through life the strong individual you are. The real issue is if the Deaf want to stay Deaf or rise above and get the surgery for the hearing aid, or cochlear implant. Deafness does not have to mean you are disabled. The approaches on a Deaf person’s life are just as significant as a hearing persons (Vicars).
Deaf people are not dumb since the Greek period Deaf were thought to be dumb. Even after all the events in history 350 years ago, the Deaf are still misunderstood. There is no time like the present and future. The hearing world needs change their perception. Three hundred fifty years ago Europeans understood the Deaf could learn and express their intelligence (MacDougal). Deaf people have come a long way in history from that many years ago to now, because even being pushed around for so long they still proudly stand tall with their lack of
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