The Articles Of Confederation Were Weak Essay

The Articles Of Confederation Were Weak Essay

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It has been asserted by various historians that the Articles of Confederation were weak. Is this an accurate statement? Why or why not?

When the text describes the Articles Of Confederation, "In essence it was to be a legislative body serving as the nation’s executive rather than a parliament. It had full power over foreign affairs; it could decide disputes between the states; it had authority over coinage, the postal service, and Indian affairs as well as the western territories. But it had no courts and no power to enforce its resolutions and ordinances." (Tindall and Brown, Kindle Page 169) it explains how the new government practices would differ from the monarchy and direct itself for the country to stand alone.

The downfall to the Articles of Confederation, in my opinion, is that, indeed it was different from the weilding power accross the Atlantic, but gave little to no power to the people. The new governing body had all of the power to make laws, foregin affairs and much more. In order to make change and to create a new country with values that were important to the inhabitants, there were no drastic changes - that the power had shifted from one group far away to that of one closer to town.

As the text states,"The states, after their colonial battles with Parliament, were in no mood for a strong central government." (Tindall and Brown, Kindle Page 170), I can understand why the colonies would not agree or want to have another ruling party that had similarities to the monarchy where control was concerned.

Finally, the Articles of Confederation were to be discussed at a meeting, "Congress in 1787 called for a convention of the states in Philadelphia “for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles o...

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...tution were labeled federalists, those who did not necessarily agree with it were labeled "anti-federalists", lead by "anti-Federalist leaders—Patrick Henry, George Mason, Richard
Henry Lee, and future president James Monroe of Virginia, George Clinton of New York, Samuel Adams and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, Luther Martin and Samuel Chase of Maryland..." (Tindall and Brown, Kindle Page 199)

In the end the anti federalist lost the debate but they "graciously accepted defeat; they did not resort to violence, and many of them went on to become prominent leaders in the federal government..." (Tindall and Brown, Kindle Page 200)

"Democratic Republicans" lead by Madison were the opposing force against the Federalist party. Republicans were weary of the Federalists ' intent on increasing power of centralized government. (Tindall and Brown, Kindle Page Page 215)

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