The Article ' Program Costs And Student Completion ' Essay

The Article ' Program Costs And Student Completion ' Essay

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Peter M. Crosta and Manning, Terri M.,. "Program Costs and Student Completion." Budget and Finance in the American Community College. 2014.168 (2014): 41-51. NCLive. Web. 24 March 2016.
The article “Program Costs and Student Completion” by Peter M. Crosta and Terri M. Manning suggests that community colleges throughout the country face issues with decision making. Crosta and Manning explain how community colleges aim to enhance the retention and completion rates of the students while also preparing students for employment. Although the aforementioned are the main duties of community colleges, directors also feel immense pressure to contain costs. As Crosta and Manning indicate “administrators readily know what it costs students to attend community colleges but may not necessarily know exactly what it costs colleges to educate students in different programs” (Crosta, Manning 41). Crosta and Manning argue that colleges need to consider the financial repercussions of what are widely recognized as customary decisions; such as scheduling of courses, what programs will be offered, as well as the endowment of aid services. This article purports the estimated cost of programs for students who follow the program 's curriculum and for students who do not.
Every day we are faced with decisions that impact every aspect of our lives. We have to decide what sequence to run errands, which cable service to have and how to spend our extra money. When making any decision I always ask myself, how will this affect my everyday life? The article “Program Costs and Student Completion” by Peter M. Crosta and Terri M. Manning discusses how decision making on a large scale and over a community college, which correlates with how I ...

... middle of paper ... Courses at the High School and Community College Levels.” by Roblyer, M.D. the material covers the leading reasons students might choose one style of education over another. In this article Roblyer uses tables to present his findings on the subjects completing courses and surveys making this article very easy to comprehend. Roblyer does an excellent job of stating and backing up his ideas and opinions, as well as being agreeable for most readers. The target audience of a writing such as this is anyone who is interested in distance learning versus traditional learning. This article would be extremely helpful in a research paper about the differences and conveniences of each style of learning. I am considering making distance learning or traditional learning the topic of my research paper and would definitely include this article as one I have read and cited.

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