The Art of Text Messaging Essay

The Art of Text Messaging Essay

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Over the last fifteen years, the way the people of our generation communicate has altered. In the beginning, cell phones were used strictly to converse verbally. It remained that way until 1992 when Neil Papworth sent the first text message reading “Merry Christmas” to Englishman Richard Jarvis (Shannon par.1-2). Papworth was un aware that this simple greeting would have such a drastic impact on cell phones. As of 2000 all cell phones have the ability to type out and send individual letters of the alphabet. Thus, millions of Americans have become obsessed with the text message, sending out and receiving billions of text messages on a daily basis. Most teens today would rather text than talk on the phone, which makes me wonder the causes for this texting phenomenon. Since sending texts is more convenient during busy days and we are able to text exactly what we want to say in the messages, our reason to use text messaging increases. A few other causes are that texting increases privacy between those involved, eases pressure when it comes to responding, it also makes one feel important among peers, and the unlimited text package deals from service providers encourages people to text even more. As a result, texting rapidly took over the way we communicate making this phenomenon one noticed by everyone.
One of the main reasons people send a text rather than talk on the phone is because of their busy everyday schedule. Today texting is just easier to communicate, rather than being preoccupied with a phone call you can just take a few seconds and send a text. With so many things going on in our lives texting allows us to multitask. In today’s society it’s essential that we are able to multitask, because there are simply just not enoug...

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