Essay about Art As A Form Of Self Expression

Essay about Art As A Form Of Self Expression

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Art is a form of self-expression which allows us to explicate our inner-selves, imagination, and emotions through visual means. Art is crucial to every society because it provides the social, educational, and economic benefits that give the power to communicate, correlate with the rest of the world, understand history and establish cultural identities (5). Despite these critical aspects, art in today’s world is profoundly undermined. Art has proven to be vital to society, and should therefore be publicly supported by the government.
The history of art is a “multidisciplinary branch of the arts and sciences,” which serves to categorize culture, create periodizations, and observe unique and prominent attributes of art (7). Throughout history, art has reflected the changes in time, as well as the character of a generation. One example would be during the American Revolution. The American colonists were at war with their British oppressors, and pieces such as “The Bloody Massacre Perpetrated in King Street,” by Paul Revere illustrated their patriotic propaganda. The piece itself is not completely accurate in its depiction, but it does show how the patriots attempted to provoke the anti-British sentiment among other colonists (9). Another example would be the Feminist Art Movement that had been launched in the 1960s. Feminist artists utilized various art mediums to “influence cultural attitudes and transform stereotypes.” They did not create art for the aesthetic purposes, but rather to illustrate perspectives of women during these times of social inequality (10). This period served as an incredible milestone for not only art, but for women. Feminist activists were able to compile their struggles and recreate it throu...

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...not affect the economy exclusively through tourism. Both local and state economies benefit from investments in art, which include the growth of jobs, stimulating commerce, attracting investments, generating tax revenue, and promoting consumer purchases (13). If it were consistently funded, the arts would be able to provide more opportunities for small businesses. In today’s capitalistic economy, it is especially difficult for small business to succeed, despite how important they are to the economy as a whole. Even though they do not produce as much revenue, small businesses are the “building blocks” of larger corporations. They provide employment to people who may not be able to secure a job in larger corporations, which brings growth to the community in which the business originated. Customers are giving back to their community when they support small business (15).

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