Argumentative Essay : Gay Rights

Argumentative Essay : Gay Rights

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Argumentative Essay: Gay Rights
December nights are cold here in Arizona, but this night felt as if I was transported to Alaska. My biggest fear was about to come true, the day had come when I finally was going to tell my dad that I was gay. I had a boyfriend and my father was becoming suspicious of our relationship, my mother essentially forced me to come out to him. He was the only person in my life that did not know my true sexuality; my mother and sister both knew and supported me in every way as did my friends. I had always been scared to come out to my dad, primarily because he is Catholic and I have heard him utter homophobic remarks. But the moment had come and I could not live a lie in my house any longer. My hands were sweating and my skin was cold as ice, the fear in my voice told it all. "Dad, I have to tell you something that my mom and sister already know. That boy you 've seen around the house is my boyfriend. I am gay." It felt like I was suddenly in outer space and all the air had rushed out of my body, as if my body was going to implode. "You 're joking, right?" He said with a tone I had never heard him use before, time seemed to have stopped; I was terrified.
Gay rights have been a hot topic for the past few decades, but it has recently become one of the biggest issues in the United States and the world. Gay rights are human rights, and every country in the world that does not guarantee the same rights to gay citizens as they do to heterosexual citizens are committing crimes against humanity. The past few years states have slowly legalized gay marriage, essentally creating a ripple effect; ending 2014 with thirty seven states that had marriage equality ("50 States" 1). 2014 was an astounding year for equality, ...

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...s nothing about it (Saner 3). Russia is going backwards while the rest of Europe is going forward, just like the Middle East and Muslim/African countries. It is time for the world to promote peace and acceptance for all people; there is no crime in being kind.
"No, I 'm not joking. Everyone knows except you. I 've always been scared to tell you." I told my father with the last ounce of courage I had in my body; I was drained. "I can 't believe this. How could you? How could you keep this from me for so long. I love you no matter what, your sexuality will not change how much I love you. You are my son and nothing in this world can change that. I love you so much." My father then embraced me, his warmth and love replenishing my empty soul with every second I was in his arms. I was at peace, no amount of hate or hindrances could bring me down. Nothing can stop me now.

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