Essay on The Argument Against Euthanasia Is Not Something New

Essay on The Argument Against Euthanasia Is Not Something New

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Human euthanization is not something new, but it is widely believed to be unethical. In reality, human euthanization is a painless solution to a terminal illness. The earliest recorded euthanization was in ancient Greece and Rome during five B.C. During this time suicide and mercy killings were also not frowned on so euthanizing humans was not seen as anything bizarre or unorthodox (Staff, 2015). In five B.C. mercy killing was not an unholy act according to the religion the Greeks and Romans follow .In fact, euthanasia has only been disapproved of in fairly recent years, the first law against assisted death was in the seventeenth century in colonial America and in recent times mercy killings have started becoming acceptable again across the world (Staff, 2015). The current argument against euthanasia is the fear tha twill use it for suicide such as in the case of Nathan Verhelst (Hamilton, 2013, Terminally) and the cases of Marc and Eddy Verbessem (Hamilton, 2013,Death by ).
However, existing cases like Nathan Verhelst’s are few and far between, the main purpose of euthanasia is to help people like in the cases of Karen Quinlan (Kennedy, 1976) and Terri Schiavo (Copeland, 2005). In these cases both women were suffering in vegetative states which they had no chance from which to recover (Annas, 2005). The main differences in Karen Quinlan’s and Terri Schiavo’s cases are, Karen Quinlan required tubes to help her breathe, Terri Schiavo did not. Terri’s choice was also made by her husband, instead of her parents and was widely debated due to that. Karen Quinlan’s choice was made by her adoptive parents and had no dispute over it (Annas, 2005). “A vast majority of Americans would not want to be maintained in ...

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...e only one other than the patient to truly know the true details of the patient’s suffering. Regulations on euthanization that involve intensive screenings of the patients mental and physical health will make sure that wrongful euthanizations are nonexistent.
The fact that euthanasia has been around since 5th century BC shows that it can not be all that evil of a practice. This paper also talked about how Belgium has been performing euthanizations since two thousand two with no issues other than malpractice. Belgium has even expanded the practice to terminally ill children, the only motive for it isn 't malicious, it 's to end suffering. This paper should have brought the taboo topic of euthanasia into a perspective to show that it’s not a scary path that would legalize suicide, euthanasia is purely a way to end the suffering of those who can not bare living anymore.

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