Are Teens too Dependent on Technology? Essays

Are Teens too Dependent on Technology? Essays

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This morning, Jane was working on her French Language project and every few seconds, “brring brrring brrring” friends texting her right and left. “Aarg!” How can she get anything done! It is impossible to complete any tasks from start to finish without the smart phone begging for attention. Does this sound familiar? We, especially teenagers, are familiar with this kind of situation. It is a huge distraction that interrupts everything we do. If so, why does not she just turn her phone off? Why cannot she stop herself from focusing on it?
Technology has a significant part in social and educational life of teens and it makes parents and experts think how teenagers become that addicted to technology today. The change in the social life of children and young generation causes to research upon technology’s usage of young people. A recent survey shows that adolescents aged between 10-18 waste an average of six to seven hours with electronic devices like computers and smart phones which cause to negative outcomes as depression, social isolation, anxiety, insomnia, and obesity(“Technology gadgets stealing kids' sleep, shows survey”). The good feeling brought on by the chemical like adrenaline, dopamine as in the gambling addiction and the joy by social networking sites, smart phones, online video games and also not-feeling alone and freedom in virtual world are the factors of technology dependence. This 24/7 online, connected community is actually a place for escaping from stress and bad emotions. The countless facilities and alternatives of virtual world attract the attention of many teens.
Technology is also used as a tool in the method of teaching and learning for faster and easier education. It is now an academic necessity i...

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