Are Actors and Athletes Paid Too Much? Essay

Are Actors and Athletes Paid Too Much? Essay

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What comes to mind if someone mentions entertainer or an athlete? People think of their lavish lifestyle, and their salaries are excessive. Many say that athletes and entertainers live in a care free world by all the money they make and that their job isn’t that hard to do. Although some people say that people who contribute to the society don’t make money like entertainers and athletes do, because of all the extravagant amount of money they make, the consumers would have to pay more. I feel that entertainers and athletes should be making their high salaries because they put in hard work to get to that point, freely donate to charities, and society aids their high wages.
It may be true; such people like the president of the United States and doctors don’t make a fraction of what a celebrity makes on one movie. Many can argue that people with the occupations such as a doctor who saves people lives on a daily basis, should be paid more. In like manner the president of the United States only makes 400,000 dollars a year. As compared to an actor that works on a movie for six months at a time, gets paid millions of dollars. Another argument that I have come across, is that some people say that teachers have to work eight hours a day, 5 days a week and ten months out of the year. Teachers are important because they reach out to kids, getting them ready for life. On the other hand, society sees a football player only is around for entertaining purposes. People see it as a teacher is only making 40,000 a year, while a football player makes over forty million.
Firstly, I think that entertainers’ athletes are paid so much because they deserve it. An actor isn’t going just wake up one day and say, “I think I’m going to be an A-list act...

... middle of paper ...

...estimated fifteen billion dollars. So for him to be given eighty million, I think is a reasonable amount, considering that the total profit was so much.
Finally, I feel that movie stars and major league athletes are always getting the bad end of the stick when it comes to how much money they make, despite the fact that people of importance, like doctors and even the president of the United States, don’t make as much as the stars do. Now everyone in life has a choice to be what they want to be in life, many people should research the criteria and salaries before they get mad that a certain person is making more money than another. And don’t forget that its society that is really funding them as an entertainer and actors have taken years to get where they are today. And even though stars are portrayed as greedy, they are often known for their philanthropic sprit.

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