Archaeologica Ethics in the World Essay

Archaeologica Ethics in the World Essay

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We have been spared the recent memory of global wars, such as the First World War, but armed conflict on a national or regional scale and sectarianism continues uninterrupted by the efforts of international politics and undeterred by legal protections.
In March 2003 the United States and a Coalition of nations began the Iraq War (Eck and Gerstenblith 2004:469-470). The Coalition avoided targeting cultural sites and moments, to comply with the 1954 Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, but totally failed to prevent the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad from being looted (Emberling 2008:7). Journalists, who were embedded within the Coalition forces, created a storm of condemnation of their failure to protect the wealth of cultural heritage contained within the museum (Bogdanos 2005:479). Happily, the looting was significantly less than reported and the journalistic hyperbole provoked discussion and activity among archaeologists to redefine our ethical responsibilities for the protection of institutions, sites and artefacts (which I shall refer to collectively as heritage) in war zones. The international communities’ reaction, less than a month later, was the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1483 which applied international legislation for the safe return of cultural property illegally removed from Iraq (UN 2003).
The Iraq War, like many recent conflicts, raises twin dilemmas for archaeologists. Firstly, the devastation to Iraq and its cultural heritage by two wars and their aftermath forces archaeologists to ask what are our ethical responsibilities in regard to the protection of sites and artefacts in war zones? Secondly, despite the general public and the archa...

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