The Arab Spring in Egypt Essay

The Arab Spring in Egypt Essay

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  Another prominent cause of the Arab Spring in Egypt was the corruption in the government run by Mubarak. One of the best examples of Mubarak’s corruption was the use of emergency law. For his entire almost 30-year reign, Mubarak ruled through emergency law. Under emergency law, Mubarak could censor all publications, search and tap phone, mail, and Internet use, and arrest people without a trial, or through secret trials. (Tristam, 2013) All political meetings also had to be preapproved by him before they took place. Demonstrations in the streets were also illegal. Many members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mubarak’s main opposition, were arrested for no apparent reason. Human rights organizations estimated that between 5000 and 10000 people were detained without charge in 2009. (Egypt, 2014) The government put emergency law into effect under the pretense that it helped to protect the country from terrorism. Since 1981 when Mubarak became President of Egypt, he has won four elections unopposed. For his fifth election, after persuasion from the United States, Mubarak allowed people to run against him. (Profile, 2013) Although the election allowed for rival candidates, it was still very much in favor of Mubarak. He was accused of stifling his opponents so that he would win the 2005 election. While campaigning for his fifth six-year term, Mubarak promised that if he was reelected, he would end emergency law. Needless to say, he did not keep his promise. Mubarak’s so-called “democracy” was a sham. The implementation of emergency law and corruption in the government were huge causes of the Arab Spring in Egypt.
  A major effect of the Arab Spring in Egypt was the protests that occurred there. The Egyptian Revolution began specifically o...

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