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Antivirus Protection

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Antivirus Protection

A company’s network is intertwined with every employee’s private computer. Even in instances where the company has instituted security policies. Employees will undoubtedly carry work home or bring disks from home or use thumb drives; additionally, personal email will very often have attachments that could endanger the company network.
Lets say for example that the company network is protected by Norton antivirus, but the employees personal computers are not, and they are continually taking work home and swapping storage devices between secure and unsecure devices that may carry viruses that may not be detected and become a threat to the company network. One of the largest user of technology is the military and they use corporate software system, they began offering free downloads of antivirus software to any member of the DOD. They military saw the need for protecting the secure networks from people who work at home and may accidentally infect it.
Vamosi suggests that antivirus companies will still make money by selling their antivirus to their corporate clients while they let the home users download for free. If every large corporation paid for the license agreement allowing their employees to use them and shared with their home computers, the cost to the end user would not be as exorbitant. Another point is that he advocates that these giants introduce its products for a trial period in order to let the end user know the advantages of the software and the functionality of having their system protected to allow the consumer to test-drive the product. Either way, whether the client ends up buying the software or reverting back to a stripped down version of it, these actions as mention by Vamosi will only benefit the antivirus corporation. Personally, my computer is protected by the license agreement that the military has with Symantec for Norton antivirus; therefore, I do not feel the need to purchase antivirus software, which I would really need because I use my personal computer on a daily base at work because the company computers are obsolete and the software needs to be upgraded making it more susceptible to viruses than a better maintained network.
Network security is more than just antivirus; it involves systems in places to provide for the authentication of the users. This will be most likely a username and a password. Other measures will include firewalls; which enforces access policies put in place by management (i.

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e., restricted sites etc.). Firewalls do not detect all harmful contents; thus, the need for intrusion prevention system (IPS) that monitors for network traffic content anomalies to protect the network (

We all contribute to this big nuisance, some to a greater extent than others. By definition, spam is the abuse of the electronic messaging systems by indiscriminately sending unsolicited bulk messages. There is not a day that I do not get a (spam) message from a friend, and they do not realize that they are sending spam, but a look at the subject will give me an inkling of what I am about to open [i.e., unless I could really trust the source, I would not open anything that has a few (fw:fw:fw) in front of whatever alluring subject may be]. My mother in law got her first computer a few months ago, and she will not reveal her age, but I believe she is in her upper 60’s, well she sent me an email and later on called me and was surprised that I did not got it. I have a rule, if I do not know the source, I do not open the email and if the subject line comes with something like ( it’s me) and the email is a bunch of numbers which I do not recognize, it’s going to get deleted. In spite of having anti-spam software, I still get quite a bit of spam not only from friends but from unscrupulous individuals; this is a daily nuisance that I have to deal with every morning, having to clean up my email before I get down to business.
According to Gaudin, there is a dissension between IT and the end users when it comes to the repercussions of spam and the seriousness of the issue. I believe that the difference is in the volume that ends up in your inbox. Some end users only see their small share of spam while the majority sees it as a nuisance. The IT administrators deal with the entire network issues such as bandwidth usage, storage, viruses, and hours wasted cleaning it up.
In today technological world, each company, regardless of size, needs to institute a security policy. I am one of those veterans that got a letter last year when a laptop with confidential information of about 26.5 million veterans was stolen from the residence of a contractor with the Department of Veterans Affairs who was not authorized to take the equipment home. According to the InfoWorld survey, 42% of the companies reported that their organizations had no security policy in place and those who had it did not follow through to make sure their employees were aware of it and comply with it. Companies are calling possible employee security problems internal threats and to some extent, public and private sectors are taking steps to alleviate these problems. For example, I did a paper on employee rights in the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System and the code of conduct that regulates the use of the network email accounts on the school system property and reserves the right to monitor the network and the employee accounts.
In today’s world of more sophisticated networks attacks, it is a fact that all members within an organization have to take measures to protect their network, whether they are simple end user or IT professionals. The responsibility has to be shouldered by all because it’s not only important for measures to be in place, but they have to be complied with and that requires the cooperation of all end users within the network.


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