Hrm 536 Week 3 Knowledge Check

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charge. A charge will apply for each subsequent policy rule change during any monthly period, to be billed on the next available invoice after the change has been completed. My company monitors the CPU utilization of the customers Firewall System on a 7 x 24 basis. My company provides daily usage reports for the customers firewall system. Managed firewall provides customer category-defined URL blocking. My company maintains backup of the customers firewall system configuration and regularly stores such backups at a remote location. My company remotely installs firewall system patches, bug fixes, and software upgrades when approved for general distribution to my company's customers. In the event of firewall system failure, my company may either dispatch a technician to repair the firewall system at the customers site or replace the…show more content…
My company performs a security scan on the customers managed enterprise firewall once each year at the customer's request. Managed business firewall does not include a security scan. Email security services will include blocking ransomware and emerging threats with the highest effectiveness and accuracy, stopping new and sophisticated threats such as ransomware, spear phishing, and business email compromise. Spear phishing will be prevented by having a comprehensive defense that includes multiple layers of protection, strong isolation , deep visibility and dynamic security awareness. Attacks will be contained and responses will be orchestrated across endpoint security and web gateways by remediating attacks and blacklisting threats. Dynamically classify impostor email and other threats that don't involve malware. Sender-recipient relationship, domain reputation, email headers, envelope attributes and email content will be analyzed. Custom rules will be integrated allowing group and user level controls to meet the needs of the client. Quarantines will enable the customer to separate email
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