The Anti Homosexuality Act Of Uganda Essay

The Anti Homosexuality Act Of Uganda Essay

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The Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda
As many as 70 countries around the world make it illegal for adults to engage in consensual homosexual acts. Homosexuality has been dealt differently within countries and societies, with some granting full marriage rights and others making homosexuality punishable by death. Gays worldwide experience several forms of hate towards them in their life time, whether it being a form of discrimination, abuse, abandonment, etc. Many also have to live secret lives to protect themselves from violent acts that are being brought upon them. The Anti-Homosexuality Law in the country of Uganda violates several human rights of its people such as the right from discrimination, the right to opinion and expression, and equality before the law. These basic human rights, which are included in Uganda’s own constitution, are violated on a daily basis. This law being put into place is a serious threat to the LGBTI community along with social activists, families, and other members of Ugandan society.
The Anti-homosexuality Bill was first introduced into the Ugandan parliament in 2009 before it was set aside for more than two years and being reintroduced in 2012. More severe punishments such as the death penalty for several acts that were deemed inappropriate to Ugandan society were contained in the original version. In addition to the Constitution act of 2005, which prohibits marriage between same sex couples, homosexuality is severely criminalized in Uganda. Those who are convicted of knowledge of others going against the order of nature are being sentenced to life in prison.
The Ugandan government is going to drastic measures to reduce the gay population and is turning to wrongful imprisonment as a “solution”...

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...ated equally and everyone is here for a reason. They should not have to worry about when the police are going to come and take them to prison or worry that will become homeless or be disowned by their loved ones. Being gay is not and has never been a threat to society. Hate is the real threat in this world. Hate is the one thing that can tear apart families, communities, and potentially the world. One does not choose their sexuality; they are simply born that way. Only when the hate and discrimination stops, not only towards gays but religion and race as well, will society be able to function as it should. When everyone can live a judge-free life and everyone recognizes each other as equals will this world be truly peaceful. People should not point out to individuals saying “this man is gay” or “this woman is a lesbian” but instead, they should say “they are human”.

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