Essay about Anti Asian Racism For America

Essay about Anti Asian Racism For America

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In the event, Let’s Talk About Anti-Asian Racism… For Once, the speakers introduced the issue of the racism against Asians in the US as it didn’t exist because institutions here in the US don’t pay attention to the issue by giving personal examples of themselves when they were young. First, they asked the audience how much they know about the history of anti-Asian here in the US and what stereotypes are most describe Asians. Then, they provided three videos of Asian-Americans: George Takai, Kao Kalia Yang, and Lee Man Wah, who talked about their own personal history with racism and how it still has an influence on them. After watching these videos, they asked the audience to make small group discussions and talk about the question Why Asian voices so often silenced in discussions. The event was aiming at what the audience’s perspectives and how can Asians and other allies unite in the struggle for racial justice. Sharing thoughts about the examples provided in a small group that was followed by a big group gained its goals since most of the audience were engaged and wanted to participate. In fact, I did not have knowledge about the history of Asians here in the US because I have not really interacted with them, but I’m really sure they are one of the minorities here in the US, and they have had struggled due to the white privilege. However, I shared some examples with my group about the history of Asians in my country, which is not similar to the American’s. The audience were combined between students and faculties who share their thoughts and made the atmosphere in a decent level where everyone looked interested and wanted to share more, but the time didn’t help. Also, the videos helped the audience to understand the issue as mos...

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...e absence anti-Asian in today’s discussions. In contrast, that tells me to think about the importance of comparing the concepts of each group and the impacts they share because of racism. In fact, there were some similar concepts between the event and the course in some ways such as creating group discussions after watching certain video, and the course material I had helped me to be knowledgeable about the history of Asian-American and comparing the suffer of the minor groups that discussed in the class and in the event. What makes the event more interesting is the association between concepts I learned in the class and apply them in the discussions were held during the event. Also, being informed from outside the class with different people and different ages is quite worthy and helped to build my knowledge about different groups and how they share the same aspects.

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