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The Anthem -Ann Rand

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The Anthem

Chapter 1

1.a. The society that is represented in the novel is futuristic in terms of the actual date, yet incredibly underdeveloped to what we experience today. The political structure obviously works, because there doesn't seem to be much discontent among the citizens. The technology is obviously incredibly lacking compared to today's standards. There don't seem to be any social relationships, because one cannot prefer one man over another. However, the quality of life seems decent. There was no talk about starving or anything disheartening. Everyone seemed well taken care of. The education is horrible, because people can't have interests. They just listen, not learn.

1.b. I do not think I'd like to live in this society because it does not allow free thinking, or anything else that makes humans the way they are. There was nothing to differentiate people, nothing to like or dislike about each other. The only thing that was good was that everyone was treated equal. In America, we say this, but there are obvious exceptions. Such is not the case in the world depicted in the novel.


Term and Definition Examples From Anthem Why is this character or act condemned in Anthem?
Should it be condemned? Explain
Transgressions: the breaking of a law or oath Equality chooses International 4-8818 as his friend (pg. 27)

Watching and thinking the Golden One is beautiful (pg. 42)
They are taught that the individual is nothing, mankind is everything, and that everyone must be treated with absolute equality. To choose a friend is to single out, and elevate, one man from the group. Also, choosing a friend requires individual thought, personal choices, and value judgments, all of which are forbidden. They are expected to be mindless, and thus selfless. This should not be condemned because making friends is a natural human thing. To go through life without actually knowing other people gives you a one-sided and skewed view of the world.
It should not be condemned because physical attraction is inborn to us humans. At one point in our life we will long for a member of the opposite sex. There is nothing any council could do about it

Sin: an action to be regretted
To write this is a sin…(pg. 1)
Writing down your thoughts should not be condemned. Even though you may not be able to speak your thoughts to others, you should at least be heard.

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Maybe someone would find the book and realize what they've been missing out on.

Curse: the cause of evil Equality feels he is cursed(many instances) Equality believes he is cursed just because he is unlike the others. Being others should not be condemned because it is something that cannot be helped. The human mind is completely unpredictable.
Crime: an illegal action Stolen Manuscripts (pg. 36) Equality stole manuscripts which is a crime. I think this should be condemned because stealing in all senses is not right. You shouldn't take what is not yours.
Evil: Incredibly bad-natured What they write is Evil(pg.1) Writing is just thought, no harm is done. If no others read what was wrote, no others will get the bad ideas wrote by Equality. Therefore, no harm is done. So, no, this action should not be condemned.
Damned: hopeless, ill-faited Equality discovers a tunnel (sewer?) pg. 33) Since the tunnel is something from the Unmentionable Times, Equality is damned for coming in contact with it. Humans are curious by nature. I would have gone down the hold into the tunnel also, just to find out what was down there. Being curious definitely shouldn't be condemned.

3. Equality does accept the moral teachings of society, but only because he knows of nothing different. He doesn't feel shame or anything else because he accepts that he is different. He also knows that he can't resist being "evil" as they call him, and he knows what he is doing is right.

4. I would definitely want to be friends with Equality because he is different then everyone else. He isn't afraid to do or say the unthinkable, just like me.

Chapter 2

1. You can tell that she is also freethinking, just by the way she walked up to him. She is curious, something which is forbidden.

2. The society tries to get rid of sexual feelings by not being allowed to prefer one person over another. You can't have likes or dislikes because you are supposed to do what you are told. You aren't allowed to think ideas that your brothers have not thought, so most of the others can't even think of disobeying the rules.

3. All of the other men are subdued and obedient, somewhat like an old dog. Equality is happy to be alive and is proud of himself. He does as he pleases while the others do not.

4. Fear is the most prevalent emotion because it can consume your mind and soul without there even being a real threat. It is contagious, and can be brought out from the most minor things.

5. The Great Truth: All men are one and there is no will save the will of all men together.
The Unmentionable Times: The ages before the Great Rebirth and the Great Truth.
The Uncharted Forest : The immense forest surrounding the city. No man who goes
there ever comes back.
The Evil Ones Those who apposed the Great Truth.
The Great Rebirth The time when the Great Truth was realized.

6.a. I
6.b. Saying the word "I" is the only crime punishable by death because it could lead to others remembering the word, and giving them a sense of individualism. The word "I" has nothing to do with the Great Truth. If the word was rediscovered, people would start thinking about themselves instead of about their brothers.

Chapter 3

1.a. Equality discovered electricity.
1.b. The discovery was extremely important, just as it was when Edison and Franklin were pioneers. It would improve life in many aspects. They would be able to get rid of candles and replace them with light bulbs. The electricity could be used to heat the buildings in the winter, so that you wouldn't have to burn firewood. Trains and cars could be created to eliminate the use of wagons. Electricity could be used to make things that make everyday life easier, like computers, dishwashers, etc.
Chapter 4

1. Unconquered is the perfect name for Equality because he is still free, unlike the others that surround him. He is free-thinking and doesn't heed to any rules set by the council. Those superior to him haven't been able to turn him into a "brainwashed slave".

Chapter 5

1. He is actually proud of his accomplishment. He is starting to realize that he cares about himself. He still cares for his brothers, yet he wants to be recognized for his hard work.

2. He wants to see his image because he cares about himself. He wants to see the way others perceive him, to find if he's comfortable, both with his appearance and his thoughts.

Chapter 6

1. They never try to escape because it is unthinkable. Everyone else just automatically follows the rules so there is no need for security.

Chapter 7

1. First off, it'd ruin the Department of Candles, which is a vital role to society. Therefore, the Plans of the World Council would be destroyed because they had not planned on another invention so soon, considering that candles were a recent invention. Also, it'd lighten the toil of men. The World Council of Scholars believes that men have no cause to exist except to toil for other men. Lastly, not all of Equality's brothers thought this power to be good, so it must not be true.

2. The Council really rejected it because they are scared of it. It is new and unknown, and they don't like change.

Chapter 9

1. There is life in Equality's eyes. His mouth shows a determined look. He holds his head high and proud. He moves with a sense of urgency.

2. Before, Equality thought solitude to be evil and corrupted, but now, there is joy in solitude. He realizes that his brothers aren't needed. He used to think of good as being weary with all of his brothers, now he thinks of good as being content alone. He used to think of evil as being alone and thinking independently, but now he thinks of evil as not being different and still being stuck with his brothers. He used to think of joy as everything he shared with his brothers, but now, he thinks of his light bulb and the Golden One when he thinks of joy.

Chapter 10

1. The house was foreign to them. They had never seen such a thing; let alone what it held inside. It seems to be a futuristic house with windows even going around the corners. The walls are hard and smooth, something new to Equality. The inside was even more impressive. They found books, a colorful wardrobe, mirrors, and more light bulbs.

Chapter 11

1. Equality realizes that his goal is to be himself, and be all that he can be. He is to live for himself, and no others. He is to share his blessings with whoever he wishes, and he will do so depending on his choices only.

2. The Saint of the Pyre was trying to tell Equality the unspeakable word just through his actions. By looking directly at him, the Saint hoped that Equality would realize the word "I", or, "eye".

Chapter 12

1. Equality takes the name Prometheus because one person took something so sacred and decided to share it with everyone else, which is what Equality plans on doing. Equality gave the name Gaea to the Golden One because she is the mother of the new beginning.

2. Equality is "free" in a sense when he is in his secret tunnel. He is free of the outside world and for once, alone. This is where he discovers electricity, something he is proud of. He is free when he is alone with Gaea, because he cares about nothing else at the time. He is free in the forest, wandering alone, finally conceding defeat to his freethinking ways. He is free anytime he is alone.

After Reading

1. I wouldn't be able to do any of them, because I will always have preferences and opinions no matter what. The only way this would work was if every single other person felt the same exact way I do. It is hard enough to find a handful of people with the same interests as me, let alone a city full.

2. Dear Teen People,

I have just finished reading the novel The Anthem by Ayn Rand and I figured I'd share a few of my thoughts with you. First off, it was actually a good book. Second and most importantly, it taught me something. It showed me that you should never be like everyone else. Don't be afraid to be different, it always works out better in the end. Peer pressure is useless if you have the will power to resist. So yea, that's it. Please share this with your readers.
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