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  • Altruism: Selfless or Selfish?

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    Altruism: Selfless or Selfish? "We are all here on earth to help others. What I can't figure out is what the others are here for." --W. H. Auden (1) Whether we are here to help others is a question I've often asked myself, and a question I will not be able to answer while I am still here on earth. Perhaps before I even consider that question, however, I should wonder whether we even can be here to help others: is selflessness really possible? Or is "altruism" merely doing things for others

  • To Be Selfless or Not to Selfless, That Is the Question

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    More than the issues on pink fences or the latest UAAP ball game, we have to focus on the imminent danger that has been hanging in our midst yet is left untouched due to many a political issue. Terrorism is an act familiar even to the poorest family in the Philippines. And yet, we are rendered inutile by it, because we lack the resources to push through with a fight against it, hence the controversy circulating around the House of Representatives and the senate. Unless they pass an anti-terrorism

  • Good and Evil in Beowulf

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    One of these deeds is his offer to King Hrothgar, in which he proposes to slay Grendel. Beowulf states, "Single-handed I'll settle the strife!" In this statement, Beowulf is simply stating that he will kill this evil creature, Grendel. Another selfless act Beowulf states is that he will slay Grendel's mother. Beowulf declares, "And I give you pledge, She (Grendel's mother) shall not in safety escape to cover." Beowulf promises to see to it that Grendel's mother will be killed. After Beowulf

  • The Story of Cain and Abel(Summarized)

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    later, she gives birth to another son, Abel, who, unlike Cain, is very genuine, selfless and who can never think of hurting someone, let alone murdering him. When the two children grow up, Cain is a farmer, and Abel is a shepherd. They are both asked by their parents to give offerings to the Lord whenever possible, but only without any expectation or selfish desire in return. It is not possible for Cain to be so selfless and kind. One day, Cain brings some of his leftover harvest as an offering

  • Our Young Folks - An Ethical Guide for Children

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    the reader a moral, and children were continually urged to put others before themselves. Selfless Models One of the ways Our Young Folks gave its readers moral instructions was by setting examples. The magazine was packed with stories of selfless children who lived and died for others. Such characters were held up as models for how the young readers of the magazine should behave. One of these selfless stories is “My Heroine,” which is a poem about a young girl who dies while protecting her baby

  • The Influence of Other Characters on Macbeth's Actions

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    witches prophecy is cause to Macbeth to think selfishly about being king, and then about the murder of Duncan. (QUOTE) Macbeth immediately becomes much more self-involved after hearing the prophecy than he was shown to be before, as the brave and selfless soldier willing to die for his country. (quote) He starts to have constant thoughts about becoming king and has "horrible imaginings" about killing Duncan (III.iii.137). The witches are the first influence on Macbeth, but they are certainly not

  • Eulogy for my Loving Mother

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    painful distress she lived with on a daily basis for the next six years. When he died part of her died! Life for her was never the same again. I was not able to completely understand her loss- until now… Throughout my life my mom has always been selfless and generous- especially when it came to her children and grandchildren… ever putting her self last! SHE WAS MY EVERYTHING… Unlike my sister, I was the one that gave my parents their grey hair… It took me longer than most to mature, and the truth

  • Evaluation of Mother-Women in Chopin’s The Awakening

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    they "grow wings and become angels. Mrs. Pontellier's use of words such as "minister", "angel" and "worship" must mean that she thinks of motherhood as a religion. While the description of these "mother-women" might imply that they are angelic and selfless, in reality their identity (and existence) depends upon their husband and children. They exist only in a familial context. Without their children they would be nothing. If their children are in no real danger, then the "mother-women" must imagine

  • AP1

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    was going well until--the owner of the store enters and puts down the girls for coming in the store in inappropriate attire. In a pointless heroic move to try and win over the girls; Sammy quits his job to protest the treatment of the girls. This "selfless" act was in vain, for when he left the store hoping the girls would be there waiting for him, they were gone. Updike has painted a perfect picture of what is in the inner mind of a young man--SEX. He does this by the detailed description of each

  • Inside the Mind of Shakespeare's Macbeth

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    time gaining more and more evil. As the play progresses, he loses his soul and humanity. Macbeth is introduces into the play as a brave and loyal servant. He feels respect for his king and is willing to risk his life for him. At this point he is selfless and good. He, himself, is proud of his service to his king. It is when he is confronted by evil that he begins to doubt the true worth of his loyalty. As he is given honors he begins to gain pride. As a servant, a man must feel loyalty and respect