Antecedent of Cooperative Learning and Its Outcome Essay

Antecedent of Cooperative Learning and Its Outcome Essay

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This study is all about cooperative learning. The research found in literature review that very little work has been done in this area. This study amalgamate the concept of CTI (creation of knowledge, transfer of knowledge and integration of knowledge) developed by Zarraga and Gracia-Falcon (2003) and of Janz and Prasamphanich (2003) work. They conducted their research in Spain and USA respectively, while the present study is carried out in Pakistan. This study provides information about what the cooperative learning is, what are the requirements to generate cooperative learning in organizations? Further the study explored what will be the affect of cooperative learning on individual as will as on organizational outcome. The study also explain the term synergy. Employee autonomy and organizational climate are observed as antecedent of cooperative learning, while individual satisfaction and work performance are tested as outcome. To test the research model and hypothesis a software package LISREL is used. Data was collected from 127 professionals (information system development) working in software houses. The managerial implication and future research has been discussed in this study.
Keywords: cooperative learning, autonomy, organizational climate, satisfaction, performance, knowledge creation, knowledge transfer, knowledge integration, information system professional, team work, LISREL, structure equation model.

1. Introduction
The latest slogans in organizational change and development literature are Knowledge management and knowledge transfer (Politis, 2003). According to Janz and Prasamphanich (2003) the best way to improve performance is to develop learning environment and encourage the knowledge worker to work in coop...

... middle of paper ...

...15, 29-35.
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