Annotated Bibliography: Sex Education in Public Schools Essay

Annotated Bibliography: Sex Education in Public Schools Essay

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Elders, Joycelyn."Sex Education Should Be Taught in Schools." Roleff, Tamara L. Sex Education. WI: David Bender, 1998.9-12.

Recent suggestion suggest that sex education programs in public schools have encouraged teenagers to limit the number of sexual partners they have and to use condoms. Adolescents need a wide-range of sex education programs in school that give them specific information in order to develop empowered and responsible adults for preventing pregnancy and disease. It listed in 1960 teenagers were behind in math and science, more classes was added. So if we would like to enforce the social problems more programs need to be added. The more they enforce the issue in schools the better the message will come across.

Etzioni, Amitai."Sex Education Should Emphasize Values."Roleff, Tamara L. Sex Education.CA: David Bender, 1996.26-32

Sex education should not be explained as a chapter in human biology, neither should it be treated as if it is or could be, value-free. Education for interposed relations, family life, and intimacy should be taught in all public schools. The programs should include conversation on human nature, and an examination of human beings as social individuals who find deep satisfaction. To increase long and healthier lives when they are apart of long-lasting social relationships, that have inspirational needs for meanings and moral standards.

Franklin, R. M. (2011). Sex Education Knowledge difference between freshmen and senior college undergraduates. College Student Journal, 45(1), 199-213.

Indicators show that recent college graduates are more educated than freshmen’s when it comes to sexual education. The administration does not want to use federal funds to educated teenagers ...

... middle of paper ... offer condom in the clinic and teachers will have to teach students how to probably use a condom as well as other contraceptives. Parents will be the ones who decide if they want their kids to attend classes on birth controls, but the classes will be open to all students.

"Survey finds most teens have had sex education; "educating teenagers about sex in the United States, week 22 September 2010

Nearly all teenagers have had some type of education on sex but only about two-thirds have been informed about birth control methods. The CDC piloted a survey to get a better understanding and to see how many teens are educated on the contraceptives. After conducting the survey they found out that majority of the teens are educated on the topic. But they did find out that teenage girls talk to their parents about sex, birth controls and how to say no to sex.

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