Annotated Bibliography On Police Brutality Essays

Annotated Bibliography On Police Brutality Essays

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Annotated Bibliography
Holmes, Malcolm D. "Minority threat and police brutality: Determinants of civil rights criminal complaints in US municipalities." Criminology 38.2 (2000): 343-368.
This article was on research or study on police brutality using the conflict theory and analysis. In this article, the research is tested by using the number of threatening acts and citizens depended by the number of complaints filed to the U.S. Department on police violence. The research helps to test the measurement of minority threats connecting with criminal control. Inside this article shows a table with civil rights criminal complaints, which are positively affected by the city population. The hypothesis of the threats resulted consistently with the measurements of threatening people.
Smith, Brad W., and Malcolm D. Holmes. "Community accountability, minority threat, and police brutality: An examination of civil rights criminal complaints." Criminology 41.4 (2003): 1035-1064.
Authors of this document had written an evidence that proves the tensions between the minorities and the police. In their article, there were unanswered questions of the behavior of the police. Statistics were involved explaining how characteristics of police and communities affect the incidence of filed complaints on police violence. There were two hypotheses on threatening minorities made relatively to complaints. These authors had made analytical theories behind
Cheh, M. "Are lawsuits an answer to police brutality." Police violence: Understanding and controlling police abuse of force (1996): 247-72.
In the book, the author inform how effective is the lawsuit or criminal prosecution to help resolve police brutality. As a failure, it has been explained about how it wo...

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...p win the police leadership and policing policies
Rutkin, Aviva. "Policing The Police." New Scientist 226.3023 (2015): 20-21. Academic Search Premier. Web. 17 Oct. 2016.
The author focuses on the U.S. Task Force on 21st Century Policing and Police Data Initiative or PDI to determine if it helps to restore trust and the broken relationship between and communities and police officers. The Task Force made by Barack Obama recommended the analysis of department policies, incidents of misconduct, recent stops and arrests, and demographics of the officers. The PDI has tasked 21 cities to comprehend the police behavior and find out what to do to change it. Also PDI was said to have data and information on vehicle stops and shootings by police officers. The use of statistics has a purpose to help rebuild trust and the relationship between and communities and police officers.

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