Annotated Bibliography for US Military During the 1950's

Annotated Bibliography for US Military During the 1950's

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Truman Doctrine provided aid to Greece and Turkey in it’s fight against Communist Guerrillas. Later, once Cold War escalated, US shifted from economic to military assistance to NATO. The consistent need to aid underdeveloped nations led to Truman’s Point Four Program. From the start of the Korean War,military defense became the main form of aid for most US assistance. During the early 1950’s, the US’s aid to other countries started to include agriculture programs which were under domestic price support to feed people in need. Aid administered under Ronald Reagan and G. H. W. Bush was used to promote investments, national investments, market economies, and the main reason which was to protect other countries from communist influence. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the American rationale for foreign aid has become more vulnerable.

The Economic, Social, and Political Atmosphere in the US During the Cold War:
The Cold War was a big influence for American people during the 20th Century because of the huge impact it had on the economics in the US, the social lives of the American people, and the political atmosphere in the US. During the Cold War, cultural battles were a huge part of the daily lives of civilians of both countries. For example, as a propaganda tool, the US made convinced Hollywood to produce anticommunist movies to encourage democracy and discourage communism among the American people.
The Korean War:
On June, 25, 1950, the Korean War began when around 75,000 Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel, this was the first military action of the Cold War. In july, the US had entered the war to back up North Korea. American officials had at first did not think this was a simple border cross, but instead a spark to begin a communist campaign to take over the world. Because of this theory, it was on top priority for top officials to avoid nonintervention with this conflict. During the first battles, the war was a defensive one and the main goal for the Allies was to drive North Korean forces back up into North Korea. This did not go good for the Allies. The North Korean forces were well trained, well equipped, and well adapted to the environment while the US forces invading the country were confused and frightened and were likely to retreat at the first sight of battle. In addition, it was one of the hottest and driest summers on record and US troops were forced to drink water from rice patties that were fertilized with human waste.

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This made intestinal diseases and other illnesses a common threat.
American Prosperity in the 1950’s:
During this time period, the US was the strongest military power and its economy was never better with consumer goods becoming more and more easily available to the American people. It was also a time of the new housing sensation. Suburban housing. With new neighborhoods being built all across the country, it seemed everybody was finding great homing. Along with the great housing came more cars which people could easily afford and drive in style thanks to the cars new modern look. Also, with so many cars being bought up in the US, Eisenhower decided it would be a great idea to start building lots of interstate highway systems to connect the US, and it did. People could now take road trips with their families along these highway systems and drive long distances in a straight line. This also had safety benefits. If the US were to become under attack (especially since this was during the Cold War) the military could quickly travel supplies and help down these highways.

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