Essay on Animal Testing Of Pharmaceutical Drugs

Essay on Animal Testing Of Pharmaceutical Drugs

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Animal testing of pharmaceutical drugs has been a popular controversial issue we face in today’s world. It is a process that had been going on for centuries for many reasons such a developing medicine, medical treatments and surgical techniques. Without animal testing of pharmaceutical drugs where would society be? Who wants to buy an over the counter drug or prescription, knowing that it isn’t or hasn’t been tested on animals that may cause harmful effects. The human race is very important to society and is worth saving. Even though many people may argue animal testing of pharmaceutical drugs can be cruel, it doesn’t only benefits humans but animals as well because they are genetically similar, share the same illnesses, and can save many lives which makes it justified to society.
There are several types of animals used in the laboratory for experimentation. Each year research animals being tested on are killed by mice traps, exterminators, animal control and shelters. Therefore why should society care if scientist kill animals to save lives? The various t types of animals that were used for biomedical research are rats, mice, farm animals and primates such as chimpanzees. According to the office of technology assessment “17- 23 million animals are used in bio medical research every year”, and 95% of those animals are mice and rats. Therefor it is not immoral because people kill them in their house by calling exterminators. So it is not cruel to use them for animal testing that will benefit humans and animals.
Animals and humans are biologically similar and share the same conditions and illnesses. In the article Zoobiquity ', cardiologist Barbara Natterson stated,” Animals suffer from almost all of the diseases that human being...

... middle of paper ... benefits not only humans but animals also. Animal testing saved many lives and prevented the spread of diseases from getting worst. Without animal testing it is possible for the human race to go extinct. Even though many people argue animal testing can be cruel and cost tax payer’s money. Scientist saved millions of pet and farm animals. Both humans and animals play an important role in developing curesvaccines for diseases which is a threat to society. Scientist don’t kill animals for no reason, they help save many lives to reproduce. It also provided scientist with new advances in the medical field. Thanks to the method of animal testing, it helped many scientist gain more knowledge to have a better understanding for future alternatives if possible. As a society we should continue animal testing to help humans and evolution reproduce to prevent extinction.

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