Animal Testing : Is It Worth It? Essay

Animal Testing : Is It Worth It? Essay

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Animal Testing: Is It worth it?
Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and ambushed in the US labs every year. Animal testing is a very bad issue. It has gone for a long time, and it’s not right for animals. Cosmetics and scientists shouldn’t be tested on animals, but medicine is a whole different story. This issue has been going for too long, and it should be taken care of. This presentation should help you chose are you for or against animal testing.(Animal Testing). It’s important to be aware on what labs scientists do to crucial animals, it’s our job to stop them before it’s too late.
According to Peta they had mention the amount of animals that already have been tested in lab scientists. For Example the types of animals that have been tested over millions of there, are mice, cats, and even dogs are taken into a lab to do some experiment on them. To see if it works or not. While other animals are locked up in a cage while the first animal is being tested. Sometimes they will leave animals in the room and unleashed the gas into the room they are in, to see what the effect on the animals. Two different types of experiments using on animals includes.
An Eye Irritation/corrosion which this is only use on rabbits 1-3 only. Because the symptoms includes signs of redness, bleeding, blindness even other signs of damage. But purpose for this test is to see of there are any redness and blindness or any other eye damage this test will see if it helpful or not (Cosmetics test animals). Second test
acute oral toxicity this test is only used on rats up to seven of them. This test is forced down a rat’s throat using a feeding tube. She may experience diarrhea, convulsion, bleeding from the mouth, seizures, paralysis or ...

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...’s taking away animal rights in the U.S. It’s bad, and if this keeps on going more animals are going to become extinct and dead over something that scientists are doing, but it’s not necessary to even do these types of test experiments on them, and they should let them have their freedom and let them enjoy life by being pets, and not testing monkeys. Another way to ban animal testing is you can start stopping animal cruelty by making a petition or banning animal testing, but most important the easy way is to make a petition, and that will get thousands of people signing it. As soon as the petition is all done you will have the power to stop all scientists that are testing on animals and should let them be free without them being tested for something they don’t need. Because if we don’t do nothing about more and more animals will be killed and burned due an experiment.

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