DBQ Essay: The Rise Of Conservation

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The rise of conservation was first populated by Theodore Roosevelt in the late 19th century. And the issues surrounding conservation had risen in the US around that time. The new understanding affects the country and its policies. Conservation is a careful preservation and protection of something; especially: planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect.(Merriam-Webster) The causes of rising conservation include overhunting, recognizing its importance. These newfound awarenesses resulted in new policies that preserve for everyone equally.

When people started to see the declining of wildlife animals include bison and many colorful birds; it cause a rise of conservation. A cause of the extermination of bison is “From the Great Slave Lake to the Rio Grande, the home of the buffalo was everywhere overrun by the man with a gun; and, as had ever been the case, the wild creatures were gradually swept away, the largest and most conspicuous forms being the first to go.”(Doc.2) And the new information about the number of beautiful birds used to furnish women’s hats caused further conservation movement. “It if high time for the whole civilized world to know that many of the most beautiful and remarkable birds of the world are now being exterminated to furnish millinery ornaments for womenswear. The mass of the new information that we have recently secured on this
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And subsequently, new policies and laws are created to give people equal access to wildlife. The question regard conservation is very much alive today. And United State needs conservation of wildlife. And the Federal department responsible for conservation, department of the interior are under attack with President Trump new budget plan. So it’s important to keep pushing for better laws and policies to protect
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