Animal Rights And Its Effects On Society Essay

Animal Rights And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Animal Rights

There is no fundamental difference between man and the higher animals in their mental faculties.… The lower animals, like man, manifestly feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery.—Charles Darwin, naturalist and author (1809–1882)
Through out the beginning of time, animals have been used for many purposes for food, fashion, entertainment, and experiments. However, the modern civilization we are living in today, we abuse this power we have over animals, exploiting them for unreasonable purposes. We have many alternatives for which one can consider as substitute for animals, such as, clothing. For clothing one has access to cotton, acrylic, polyester, plastic and other materials. For food one can consider humane organic foods, where animals do not experience cruel treatment and are less harmful for the public. Lastly, animals are experimented on cosmetics, house products, and drugs, to see their reaction of which it can cause to humans. Animals everyday are enslaved, tortured, killed, and exploited for human purposes. One of these purposes are for medicine. Approximately, 50 to 100 million vertebrates are used yearly, in addition to over 20 million mice and rats, in laboratory experiments in the United States. Many of these animals are bred specifically for use in the laboratory; others are acquired from animal brokers, the wild, companion animal shelters, and sources both legal and illegal. (Research Issues,1) Animals have been used for experiments in the start of the 1920s, after World War II. Nevertheless, the negative factors of these experiments is that millions of animals are kept captivated, along with being tortured. In addition to the negative factor, these most medications are ...

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...e effects and hazards of substances for humans. Scientists, politicians and citizens are now increasingly recognising that animal experiments don’t fulfil what they promise, and that their results are not directly applicable to humans.”

In conclusion of all articles, and the researchers studies have all proven my perspective and idea that, the use of animal testings is cruel, unreasonable, and harmful to humans. That Relying on animal research and testing to improve human health is not only dangerous, but also unreliable, time-consuming, and expensive. One should take into consideration all the pain and suffering that animals experience everyday for people. Instead of exploiting animals one should care and give them the right to live a life free from exploitation and suffering that what animal rights is all about.

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