Animal Rights And Human Health Essay

Animal Rights And Human Health Essay

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I will argue that it is a better option for humans to not accept the doctrine of Animal Rights, and I will offer three reasons to support this claim. Firstly, Animal Rights can be limiting to the advancement of human health. Secondly, there are alternatives to accepting the Animal Rights. Finally, Animal Rights does not support animal control, which is important for sustaining the ecosystem. The second point will be discussed as an extension of the first point.
In support of my first claim, I will offer two reasons. Supporting Animal Rights would hinder both process of understanding diseases and the prevention of unforeseen harmful effects of new treatments, and there are no alternative methods that can completely replace experiments on animals. A consequence of accepting the doctrine of Animal Rights is that humans will no longer be able to experiment on animals. Common animals used in laboratories include rats, which are susceptible to many of the same diseases as humans because we share more than 98% of our DNA with them. Because it is easier to control their external environment compared to humans, the association between certain factors and health outcomes can be more easily detected with minimal confounding. Due to Human Rights, it is very difficult to conduct similar experiments on humans, and therefore, even the most accurate epidemiological experiments such as randomized controlled trials are associated with substantial biases. Accepting Animal Rights will, therefore most likely hinder the process of understanding diseases or how drugs work and therefore will limit or at least severely prolong our ability to cure diseases. Some Animal Rights activists’ groups such as People for Ethical Treatment of Animals argue that ther...

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...t is a better option for humans to not accept the doctrine of Animal Rights.

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