Animal Experimentation And Its Effects On Human Animals Essay

Animal Experimentation And Its Effects On Human Animals Essay

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Animal experimentation is contentious issue in today’s society that, whether it continue or should stop. Many animals such as monkey undergo painful suffering or even death as a result of scientific research for the sake of humans’ health. Among the animals monkeys are the main victims of the scientists’ experiments because of their human-like characteristics and physical process to humans. Monkeys’ similarities allow the scientists to test effectiveness of the new discovered drugs, food additives, and chemical and even cosmetics products. Although, such medical experimentations had helped scientists to produce vaccines, and medicines that are necessary for elimination of some deceases, but the test had negative medical effect on monkeys. Tom Regan the animal rights specialist considers animal experiment unethical and irrespective to nonhuman beings. However, Regan claims that animals have “inherent value” and lack of abilities that human do. But yet they should be treated as an end not as a means.
Medical research on monkey has significantly improved humans’ health and cured many killer deceases. Such experimentations enabled scientists to come up with concrete solutions and provide treatments and to understand if the new drugs produce adverse effects in monkey. For instance, polio vaccine was first tested on monkey and it has helped scientist to treat humans suffering or dying from poliomyelitis deceases. Despite the advantages of such medical experimentations on monkey, animal rights activists believe that any kind of drugs test on animal like monkey should be stopped. Philosophers like Tom Regan in “The Case for Animals Rights” believe that animals should have fundamental rights as humans, and also be protected from unnecess...

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...ntists are not concluded in just sample medical test on defenseless monkeys, but they are are sent to solitary confinement where they are terrorized and exposed to anxiety including live snakes, painful skin punch biopsies and stressful brain scans. As Tom Regan explains the animal rights in the context of individual rights such as that the “women do not exist to serve men, blacks to serve whites, the poor to serve the rich, or the weak to serve the strong.” So it implies that humans should respect the independent value and the rights of animals. Tom Regan argues that animals do not exist to serve humans because both humans and animals born in equal rights, the rights to live on this earth free of attacks by humans. Regan emphasizes on the abolition of what is so called animal slavery. He considers animal such as monkey experiments unjust exploitation that must end.

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