Andrew Carnegie : A Powerhouse Essay

Andrew Carnegie : A Powerhouse Essay

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Andrew Carnegie:
A Philanthropical Powerhouse
As the great Andrew Carnegie once said, “The man who dies thus rich dies
disgraced.” Carnegie has invoked passion in many people with his never-ending
persistence, ingenious investment skills, and his dignified work as a philanthropist.
Andrew Carnegie was born into a poverty struck family on November 25, 1835 in
Dunfermline, Scotland (Carnegie 2). Although Carnegie had little education, he was
determined to persevere and not become a weaver like his father. Little did he know, the
industrial revolution would soon take away any chances Carnegie had of following in his
fathers footsteps. Not only was his father out of work, but he was also forced to beg for
money. Carnegie experienced the true meaning of poverty. His father, grandfather, and
uncle were Scottish radicals who fought for the rights of common workers. Good morals
and renowned ambition were forever engraved in Carnegie’s being.
Andrew Carnegie and his family moved to America in search of a brighter future in
1848. Carnegie soon became the bobbin boy at the same factory his father worked at
making a mere $2 a week. He always felt like there was more out there for him. With the
utmost determination, Carnegie quickly upgraded and became a messenger boy for the
city 's telegraph office. He would often be sent to deliver messages to the theatre where
he would take the opportunity to watch Shakespearian plays. This would feed his yearn
for knowledge, but only momentarily. He would often seek out libraries that were made
available to the messenger boys. During one of those visits, he met Thomas A. Scott
(Carnegie 34). Little did he know, Scott would change his life forever.
After briefly working as Scott’s private secretary, Carneg...

... middle of paper ...

...ional journey.
All in all, Andrew Carnegie has played a major role in how I now view college and
ultimately my financial decisions. Like he once did, I too aspire to persevere in and after
my education. Carnegie has taught me that no matter the circumstance, determination
is essential. If he hadn 't gone through all the rough patches he overcame, he might
have never become the philanthropical powerhouse he is known as today. Paying for
college without a loan now seems more realistic than ever. Being a dental hygienist has
been a dream of mine, and with the help of Andrew Carnegie and his incredulous
financial decisions shining light on my path, I will be able to push through the rough
patches, just as he once did, and persevere.
Work Cited
Bureau of Labor Statistics. Occupational Outlook Handbook. 2016-17 Edition. United
States Department of Labor. Web. 01 April 2016.

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